Facebook Business Pages

Build a community

A Facebook Business Page allows you to:


    • Market yourself for FREE to a wide audience
    • Showcase your expertise
    • Broadcast the benefits of your products or services
    • Build a community to support your business
    • Bring in new customers
    • Maintain contact with old customers
    • Interact with your customers, what do they like and want?
    • Build trust and rapport
    • Improve your website Search Engine Optimisation
    • Drive more traffic to your website
    • Promote events and new products

Running a Facebook page, like any marketing strategy, requires time and discipline. For some this is an enjoyable task, whilst others who are less technically inclined or more time constrained may prefer an expert to run your page for you. More Lime offer a selection of service levels one of which is ideal for your business page.

More Lime can run your Facebook business page

If you are short on time, or just don’t think Facebook is for you, More Lime offer the following package options to run your business page on your behalf.

Training and support can also be provided to enable you to run your own page when you are ready.