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Social Media Support

Does your small business need social media support?

Social Media is a new and powerful way to promote your business at very low cost.

In many small businesses social media gets neglected when time is short, or is handled by someone who doesn’t really know how to make it work for the business. That’s where More Lime can help!

We provide a regular, reliable service which gives you results.

More Lime currently offers support on the following social platforms

Linked In

Which social media platform is best?

The best platform for your business depends on what you do, how you do it, who your clients are, any many other factors. We will discuss the best platforms for YOU and a determine a strategy tailored to meet the online goals of your business.

How do we work?

We find the best way to serve your social media needs is by allocating regular “time” on a weekly basis.

This means that focus can be on one platform, or several platforms, whichever suits your business and your budget best.

What does it cost?

Our minimum package offers 1 hour per week on your existing social media accounts and the cost of this is just £50 a week.

Many small businesses find this affordable and sufficient for their needs. That focused hour will make a big difference to their current perhaps sporadic efforts. We can offer more of course if you require it but this is a great place to start.

If you are starting from scratch we will discuss set up costs with you.

What do we do?

We will

  • Make regular posts/updates
  • Improve your current presence
  • Build your page following
  • Run advertising to your budget (additional cost)

Dear Rachel,  We have now been working together for several years and I want to let you know that your social media work for Gane and Marshall has been excellent and productive. You have worked on several Facebook accounts, on Twitter, on Google+, and on our WordPress blog  – all with great results. Thank you!

Jeremy Gane

Gane and Marshall