WordPress Maintenance

Staying safe

Do you need a WordPress maintenance service?

  • Do you know how to keep your WordPress website up-to-date?
  • Do you never do your updates because you just don’t have time?
  • When you hit the update button does it fill you with fear?
  • Do you worry that you will do something wrong?
  • When did you last back up your website?
  • Where did you store your last back up?

What updates?

Many website owners forget about their website security until it is too late! The result of this can be not only very stressful, but also very costly. Out dated versions of WordPress core, plugins and themes can leave your site open to security risks. The internet can be a dangerous place and technology is constantly improving and tightening its security in response to new treats. You can help to avoid any disasters by performing regular maintenance to your site or we can do it for you and leave you free to do what you actually want to be doing.

  • You will always have a full current back up, stored safely in the cloud.
  • Staying up-to-date provides you with the best security currently available and the most current technology.
  • You will save time, save worry and save stress.
  • We recommend the Essential package as the minimum requirement for your WordPress website.
  • If your site is updated/amended regularly and/or is crucial to your business – why take the risk of loosing your work? We would in this case recommend the Professional package.

In short –

  • This package has been designed to assist you in maintaining your website and to offer you increased security from regular updates. There can however be no guarantee that this will prevent your site being hacked.
  • This package includes only the options described above.
  • This is not a 24/7 maintenance contract.
  • There is no tie in or notice period. You are free to cancel at any month end.

Download a full copy of our Essential WordPress Maintenance Terms & Conditions here

Download a full copy of our Professional WordPress Maintenance Terms & Conditions here