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WordPress Support in Falmouth, Cornwall and beyond

If you already have a WordPress Website and need some help we are here for you.

We charge £50 per hour and will charge per 1/4 hr so that you aren’t paying for any more than you need to.

We will ask what you want done and give you an estimate of time needed to complete your work for your agreement. Should there be any problem in meeting that estimate we will keep you informed, so that you don’t get any unexpected large bills.

Some examples of things we can help with on your WordPress Website are:

  • Updating and amending text
  • Adding or replacing images
  • Changing your theme
  • Recommeding and installing a plug-in
  • Adding an online booking system
  • Adding an additional page
  • Improving your design
  • Adding a newsletter sign up
  • Adding a podcast
  • Adding a video
  • Adding testimonials
  • Changing your theme
  • Doing your updates
  • Adding a back up plug-in
  • Adding a security plug-in

    And anything else you may require to keep your WordPress website working for you.

  • See also our WordPress Training services if you would like to be able to make your own ammendments in future.

I’ve used More Lime for my website for several years and always found Rachel to be extremely helpful. She has always been great at making suggestions for improvement and am delighted with the recent work she has done to improve the layout of my website. She is helpful, quick to respond, and professional.

Vanessa Pimbblet

Rebalance Homeopathy

For more information about WordPress please visit their official page.

More Lime is totally independent from WordPress and is not endorsed by them – but we do think they are rather fabulous!

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